The best things come in inspiring packages.

At RooCreate, we are creative problem solvers - proud to design beautiful and inspiring packaging using eco-friendly materials with our clients.
Take a peek at some of the projects we have loved working on!
Labels + Mailer Box
In this project, Reboot+ asked us bring herbal tincture remedies for gut health into the realm of a younger demographic; positioning the brand somewhere between medicine, health supplement and naturopathic remedy whilst still appreciating the flowers and herbs that make up the recipe. The result brings us a delightful mixture of modern and classic, clean and earthy, sleek and natural.
Ben and Ellie
Mailer Box + Tissue Paper + Care Card
The Ben & Ellie Baby all in one Change Clutch and refillable Wipes Pouch is made for fashionable new mums with a huge sense of personal style. If the product itself oozes sophistication then so too should the packaging that surrounds it. Featuring the best quality recycled cardboards and a gold foil for the logo, we aimed for a seamless integration of product and packaging.
Logo + Product Box + Insert + Magnet + Brochure
LuhoBox is a unique gift-voucher experience, wrapped and delivered to the door of your loved one. With multiple gift categories available, LuhoBox is beautiful way to give a loved one an experience (i.e. sky diving, or a weekend away). The receiver gets to unwrap a beautiful box and experience a luxurious present inside, along with a brochure and magnet to get them excited about the experience to come.
Christmas Advent Calendar
Ethique is an eco-friendly beauty company based in New Zealand. Creating unique beauty bars, the company has experienced a surge in popularity across the world. In cooperation with RooCreate, we designed an exclusive Advent Calendar, made from 100% recycled and compostable materials.
Food + Health + Cosmetic Packaging
PhycoHealth is all about seaweed for health and nutrition. Led by their head scientist Pia Winberg, the company embraces quality, wholesome products for a healthier life. With their eco-friendly packaging and sustainable values, PhycoHealth sought to maximise their eco contributions with RooCreate. We worked together on several ranges of products from food packaging to health and beauty.
What can Roo help you create?
Starting your project is as easy as starting up a conversation. Whether you are making an eco gift hamper, or looking for eco-friendly mailers and plastic-free packaging solutions for your online shop, our team of eco packaging experts are here to help!